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Edwina ~ Mum of Troy Mitchell Thinking of you August 20, 2008

1034156vn8bvyopov.gif picture by edwinalouise

My thoughts and prayers are with you dear Bonnie.

I wish there was something I could say to ease your heartache especially knowing that your heart has been broken yet again.

I pray that you find some comfort knowing that others care and

think of you and your precious angels.

Hugs and Kisses, Edwina Mitchell

Andrew's Mom Alexis August 7, 2008

Jordan's Grandma Lexi August 5, 2008

Jordan Logan's Grandma So Sorry July 31, 2008

Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I knew there had been a death, but I didn't know who. I am so sorry.


The messages you have sent me, they have been an inspiration. You truly are a special person and I am honored to have you as a friend.


You and your family will always remain in my heart.




Mary-Josh's mom So much Hearthache July 29, 2008
I am so sorry ---We wonder how much pain and heartache someone can go through--I am so sorry about your stepson---Only with God's strength--knowing that he carries us at times when we can not walk on our own---My prayers go out to you and your family.Thank you for the kind words about Josh.He was always happy-Always had a smile on his face--He Was a people person -Everyone Josh met always became his friend  ---I keep thinking about Lexie--I told my daughter about this beautiful little Angels site -That I couldn't take her precious little face out of my mind---She really touched my heart--I will remember her always----Our main goal is that our babies will never be forgotten---I really believe that Josh has met Lexie in Heaven and one day we will all be together again---
Mary-Josh's mom So sorry July 27, 2008
I am so very sorry -There are no words to describe the pain of losing your child-Little Alexis is just the most beautiful little angel-Know that Alexis is always going to be with you.Alexis lives on in your heart forever. She's in every sunrise and every sunset---She's in the gentle breeze that blows---When you look up to Heaven at night to throw her a kiss good-night she's in the brightest star that shines.Alexis is always at your side-Beautiful Baby Angel--The date Alexis left you to be with our Father in Heaven is the same day our son Josh left us -April 23,2004 --Josh was 23 years old---No matter the age they will always be our babies. My prayers are with you all--Little Alexis Is Safe in Our Fathers Arms---Every day we wake is one day closer to seeing our babies again --I so look forward to that day---Please visit Josh 's site----Search--Bernard
Donna Mom to Angie- Robert July 24, 2008

I'm sending you my deepest sympathy. I'm so sorry for what you had to go through. I'm sure Jamie did what he felt he had or wanted to do. We can only love the people in our lives, we can't feel the pain or hurt they go through. We can't judge what and why people do the things they do. We have to put our trust in God as he knows all our hearts and he will be with Jamie and as he has been with Alexis.

Thank you for the lovely e-mail. Now Angie will have help with Alexis because she will get to meet Jamie. Together they will wait for us when the day comes that we join them.

I wish I could help by taking some of your pain and ager and loss away, but I can't do that...but i'm here anytime any of u need to talk. http://www,polopool@yahoo,ca

Tammy~Sarah Fun In The Sun July 8, 2008

Jordan Logan's Grandma For Lexi July 5, 2008
Jordan Logan's Grandma To your family July 3, 2008


Eli's Mommy I am here for you always June 11, 2008






Let me start by saying how sorry I am about the loss of beautiful alexa. I know the pain that you go through every day. There are no words to make it better. At first people would tell me that time will heal everything. All I could say that the pain never goes. Somehow we just get use to it. We learn to live with it and no matter what we do there is always that memory in our mind and heart of our angels. But what I could say to you is that I am here for you to offer when ever you want to talk. All we have is time until we reunite with our babies, until then we have each other.


Thank you.


Monica (Eli’s Mommy)










Maw Maw Bonnie Little Sweet BabyGirl April 2, 2008

Without my Angel I am not complete, Forever I will remember her, so pink and sweet.  Precious Lexi I love you so, always in my heart you know.  One day baby when Maw Maw dies, You will be waiting with open eyes, to welcome me to Heaven with lots of love, I will be with you way up above.  When I wish upon a star, up in the nightsky and oh so far, I dream of the life you and I could have shared, and miss you so Baby I really cared.  Without you I'm lost and hurting so bad, I think of you always and cry when I'm sad.  You are in Heaven and Angel so dear, I just want to be with you and hold you so near.  One day it will happen as I have been told, by Jesus the Savior, a sight to behold.  We'll be reunited in Heaven above, and nothing will take you away from me love.  I can't hardly wait the days are so long, with you beside me is where I belong.  So play and have fun in Heaven sweetheart, remember your Maw Maw and we will not be apart.  I love you Lexi.

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