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Maw Maw's Poems
Maw Maw Bonnie September 16, 2008
The Legend of the Dragon Fly
For Lexi September 16, 2008
The Anniversary Poem

Another aninversary of the day that I lost you
It's really very simple, that day I lost me too

Although I try to find the me that I used to be
I will never find that person for she is lost to me

I know it sounds confusing to those that have no clue
That when you lose a child, you also then lose you

It sounds like one big riddle that I should work on through
But there is not an answer, not one thing I can do

Grief is what has come to me and changed me from within
It has burrowed deep inside of me, like it's a second skin

No one should have to live this way but there was little choice
When grief was handed out to me, I didn't have a voice

I often wonder who I'am since losing my sweet child
In the world in which we live in I've been forced into denial

With every anniversary that marks another year
Are thoughts that come from others that my pain should disappear

I'am a mother that has lost a child on a tragic day
With that loss it took my dreams and visions far away

I would have chose to leave instead, for life is not so good
For all that ever mattered was my child and motherhood.

Maw Maw Bonnie September 13, 2008
Little Baby Angel Mine

 Without my Angel I am not complete,

 Forever I will remember her, so pink and sweet. 

 Precious Lexi I love you so, always in my heart you know. 

 One day baby when Maw Maw dies, You will be waiting with open eyes,

 To welcome me to Heaven with lots of love,

 I will be with you way up above. 

When I wish upon a star, up in the nightsky and oh so far,

I dream of the life you and I could have shared, and miss you so Baby

 I'm really scared.

Without you I'm lost and hurting so bad,

I think of you always and cry when I'm sad. 

You are in Heaven an Angel so dear,

 I just want to be with you and hold you so near. 

 One day it will happen as I have been told,

 By Jesus the Savior, a sight to behold.

We'll be reunited in Heaven above,

Nothing will take you away from me love.

  I can't hardly wait the days are so long,

With you beside me is where I belong.

  So play and have fun in Heaven sweetheart,

 Remember your Maw Maw and we will not be apart.

  I love you Lexi. 



Maw Maw Bonnie September 13, 2008
Maw Maw's Baby

It was all so perfect when I found out, You know "little Lexi" was Just a sprout.

When you saw her you knew, with her eyes so blue,

 That love had made her beautiful. So sweet, so unusual.

 Trying to stand up before it was time, beautiful white hair that Would always shine.

Those perfect little fingers, that perfect little nose, that beautiful Little body,

Even down to her toes.

 She stole all our hearts, yes right from the start. The best of Both worlds, our sweet little girl.

 The Angels took Lexi away from us all to a place she could play And never would fall.

 To gardens where children were waiting to see the prettiest Princess there ever could be.

 Loved ones were waiting with arms open wide, to see little Lexi her Grandmother's pride.

 So wait for me Lexi, Maw Maw will be there, and we will play in The Garden of Prayer.

 We will have tea parties and Cabbage Patch dolls, lollipops, ponies, And the Wizard of Oz.

We will run through fields of emerald green and play hide and seek, And eat lots of ice cream.

 We will stick our toes in the soft warm sand, and run from the Waves as they splash on the land.

 We will climb purple mountains and follow our dreams, I'll tickle Your belly and laugh as you scream.

My precious Lexi I miss you so,

 Your Mommie and Daddy are grieving You know.

 Your brothers are sad and are writing to you, Oh little flower with Eyes so blue.

 Aunt Amy is crying and can only ask why? She is wanting her "Powder Puff". Oh how she does cry.

 Until we can see you again Lexi dear, we all love you baby, and Have cried many tears.

 But one day all will be different so I've been told. One day we'll All walk through that city of gold.

 With Mommie and Daddy and Maw Maw and all, one big happy Family and no tears will fall.

 Until that day happens from now until then, play little darling and Laugh with the wind.

For when it will blow on Maw Maw's old bones, I know it will mean a Short time till I'm gone.

 We will always be near little Lexi in spirit. For God's made a Promise and Maw Maw can hear it.

 My Lexi, my baby, my granddaughter, my soul, I love you so dearly And this is my goal.

 To one day be with you I have to believe, that God's solom promise Will be to receive,

 A blessing from Heaven in the form of a child,

who was touched by an Angel,

who sleeps now on a cloud.


written by: Maw Maw Bonnie

the day you became an


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