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Tears and Cheers 

We will never stop loving our children.  A thoughtful, gentle man named William Penn once wrote, "Those who love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.  Death cannot kill that which does not die."  We loved our children yesterday, we love them today, and we will love them tomorrow.  There is neither force nor foe that can ever remove the love we have for our children.  They live within us and beyond this world, now and forever.  This is not the way we wanted our lives or their lives to be because our children belong, not to the ages, but to us.  In the end, sadly, they are not ours to keep.  They will always be ours to remember, to honor, and to love.

We hurt so much because we love so much.  It is our curse to live with the reality of death's details.  It is our Blessing to be given a glimpse of the infinite possibilities of perpetual Love.  It is not a fair trade.  Neither is this a bargain we sought to make.  The Children that died too soon have broken our hearts while giving us the great gift of enlightenment.  Where do we exchange that unwanted present for one minute with them when no refund line exists.  We reach out to strangers, to family or friends to help us remember, to help us hope all is not lost.  It helps.  It is not a cure.  This pitiful plight is not a wound that time heals.

Death cannot kill that which does not die.  Our children would no more leave us than we would stop loving them.  Those that Love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.  No one, no thing, not now, not ever can take away our love for our children.  Our Love defies death and taunts time while embracing and displaying its eternal nature.  Sometimes Love travels an earthly path filled with tears and cheers inspired by the life of a child measured in moments or years.  Our children live forever in the glorious, unending infinite light of our Love, as we in theirs.  That is our blessing.  That is their gift and maybe they are waiting to see if we like it.  Perhaps a cheer joined to the tear is what they need to hear.